This may sound funny, but for my girls to wear the same outfit all day long, without asking to change, is a rarity! If I wear jeans, I change into yoga pants when I get home, and I’ve passed this onto my girls… they choose comfort over style, but now they don’t have to because of seam
Bethany Gummow, mother of 3 girls

One of the many details I love about seam is the lack of buttons and such. Makes it so much easier and quicker for my girl to dress herself.
Shirine Pont

My daughter received her first special seam outfit when she was three and a half. As she grew the skirt grew with her. We finally had to retire it when she was 8. It still looked like new then with no special treatment – machine wash and dry on low, so we passed it on to her lucky younger cousin!
Karen Giorgio

Mommy, these feel like pajamas.
Ally Haines, 6 years old

These are my cute, comfy clothes.
Cate Boschken, 7 years old

After having my first daughter, finding clothes that I liked, were comfortable and easy to dress her in, had been challenging. When she started wearing seam clothing, it was clear that we found the right clothes. Seam clothing are developmentally appropriate for a child’s growing and changing body. Children’s waistlines remain almost the same circumference during early childhood as the body elongates and grows in height. Seam’s clothing takes those developmental changes into account with non-binding waistbands, forgiving fabrics and their many empire waist designs. As a bonus, my husband appreciates the ease of dressing our squirming toddler.
Margarent Barsam MD, Pediatrician and mother

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